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Discover How to Effortlessly Generate Leads with The Share Group

1. Start With 100 Free Leads!

Just Getting Started? We've Got You Covered!

Every new shop registration with The Share Group unlocks a 100 free leads. Dive into the opportunity pool without spending a dime. It's our way of saying welcome - and it's just the beginning.

  • Why It Works: Immediate access to a diverse lead pool sets the stage for your growth.

  • How to Leverage: Use these leads to understand your market better and refine your strategies.

2. Google Review - 200 Leads

Your Opinion is Gold!

Share your journey with the Share Group on Google, and we'll reward you with 200 additional leads. Your feedback not only enriches our community but also opens new avenues for your business.

  • Why It Works: Authentic reviews build trust and showcase real experiences.

  • Next Steps: Post your review here and watch your lead count soar.

3. Testimonial Video - 500 Leads

Turn Your Success Into More Opportunities

Bought leads and loved the experience? Tell the world with a 30-second testimonial video. Share it on your social platforms, tag us, and bam! You're 500 leads richer.

  • Why It Works: Visual testimonials engage and inspire potential clients.

  • Inspiration: Check out how other Realtors leveraged their testimonials here.

4. Celebrate Wins - 1,000 Leads

Your Success Story Deserves a Grand Audience

Did a Share Group lead convert into a listing or a sale? Share your victory in a video, tag us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, and a whopping 1,000 leads will be yours.

  • Why It Works: Sharing real success stories creates a ripple effect of motivation..

  • Action Plan: Let your success be the beacon for others and for your own next big win.

Agent Testimonials

"Beyond impressed with the Data from The Share Group. I have over 3x my initial investment using the share groups leads. 9 times out of 10 I can actually get ahold of the owner of the property. I have referred 2 other real estate agents and they can say the same!"

Jacob Ortiz

Real Estate Agent |

The Share Group has amazing service and the leads actually work!  Within 5 months of consistency and following up I went on 10 listing appointments and sold 1 property. Highly recommend for all agents looking to scale their business.

Kenny Michel

Real Estate Agent | EXP Realty

I bought likely to sell leads back in January and from that list I listed 3 homes and sold 2 of them. The leads are legitimate and the data is very accurate. I’ve already recommended the ShareGroup to other realtors in my office because these leads were a game changer for my business.

Jake Paez

Real Estate Agent | Coldwell Banker Highlands Properties

"They work extremely hard to make sure they're 100% satisfied with the product. I've ordered seller leads multiple times from them and you can tell they take pride in their product. The data provided was by far the most accurate i've ever received."

Isaac Fridmann

Real Estate Agent | Keller Williams Elite Properties

"Hands down the most accurate data out there. If you business involves getting into contact with homeowners, look no further. I've tried several sources and my contact rates are 10% better across the board. Top it off with top-notch customer service. I'll be a user as long as I'm in this biz."

Chase Benedict

Real Estate Agent | Sotheby's International Realty

I’m loving the data 💰 the data is very accurate with the search criteria and accuracy of the phone numbers ✅ I look forward to calling more of the data.

Cristian Samayoa

Real Estate Agent |

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  • Immediate Kickstart: New registrations receive 100 free leads immediately when you sign up, providing a strong start without initial investment.

  • Engagement Rewards: New accounts, posting Google reviews, creating testimonial videos, and sharing success stories can unlock up to 1,000 free leads.

  • Comprehensive Support System: Combining free and premium services, the Share Group offers a holistic solution to the challenges of lead generation, making it easier for real estate professionals to expand their network and secure more deals.