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At The Share Group, we cater to the needs of wholesale and real estate investors by providing a range of lead databases.

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Premium Leads for Savvy Real Estate Investors

At The Share Group, we provide exclusive leads that give investors an edge over the competition. Our leads are sourced from the most comprehensive transactional and real estate databases available.

What truly sets us apart is our Full US Consumer Database and advanced data science techniques to accurately gauge seller motivation.

Top Categories for Motivated Investors:

  • Absentee Owners & Out-of-State Homeowners: Property owners who do not reside in their investment properties or live in a different state, often motivated to sell for easier management and better investment opportunities.

  • Homeowners with Equity Troubles: Individuals facing financial difficulties despite having equity in their homes, looking to liquidate their assets to resolve financial challenges.

  • Senior Homeowners: Elderly homeowners who might be interested in downsizing, relocating, or accessing the equity in their homes for retirement needs or other expenses.

  • ARM/Balloon Loan Properties: Homeowners with adjustable-rate mortgages or balloon loans facing increasing payments and seeking to sell before their rates reset.

  • Distressed Homeowners: Owners who are underwater on their mortgages or facing financial distress, often eager to sell to avoid foreclosure or further financial strain.

  • Cash Offer Seniors: Seniors who prefer quick, hassle-free cash transactions for their homes, often to simplify their living situations or fund retirement.

  • Custom Demographics: Targeted leads based on specific criteria such as age, credit score, length of residence (LOR), loan-to-value (LTV), and income, tailored to meet unique investment strategies.

Maximize Your Data with Our Skip Tracing Service:

  • Send Us Your Property Database: Provide us with addresses and names where available.
  • Same Day Append Service: Enhance your data with our rapid append service.
  • Affordable Pricing: Only $0.10 per phone record appended.
  • Quality Guarantee: All phone numbers are guaranteed to work, or we’ll replace them. Our phone quality guarantee is unmatched in the industry.  
  • Ask us why we don't offer FSBO's, Expired, Tax Lien leads

Let Us Call For You -- Learn More About Our Sales Outreach Solutions

Unlock a world of potential with The Share Group's Independent Sales Agent (ISA) Lead Qualification Services. We specialize in turning Share Group leads into immediately closeable opportunities with no calling required on your part.

Investor Testimonials

"Hands down the most accurate data out there. If you business involves getting into contact with homeowners, look no further. I've tried several sources and my contact rates are 10% better across the board. Top it off with top-notch customer service. I'll be a user as long as I'm in this biz."

Chase Benedict

Real Estate Investor | Sotheby's International Realty

"Huge help. This was awesome!!! Made a huge hit on the first house we bought off the list!!! Definitely suggested!"

Adam Chalker

Real Estate Investor | Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

"They work extremely hard to make sure they're 100% satisfied with the product. I've ordered seller leads multiple times from them and you can tell they take pride in their product. The data provided was by far the most accurate i've ever received."

Isaac Fridmann

Real Estate Investor | Keller Williams Elite Properties

"Beyond impressed with the Data from The Share Group. I have over 3x my initial investment using the share groups leads. 9 times out of 10 I can actually get ahold of the owner of the property. I have referred 2 other real estate agents and they can say the same!"

Jacob Ortiz

Real Estate Investor |

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