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At The Share Group, we cater to the needs of wholesale and real estate investors by providing a range of lead databases.

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Unlock the Potential of Real Estate Investment with The Share Group

We specialize in offering lead solutions that cater to the needs of wholesale and real estate investors aiming to simplify the process of identifying and acquiring potential investment properties.

Our goal is to make your investment journey efficient and profitable.

At The Share Group, we cater to the needs of wholesale and real estate investors by providing a range of lead databases. We understand the nuances of short-term investment strategies, particularly real estate wholesaling, which involves an investor, known as the wholesaler, contracting and selling a property on behalf of the seller.

Our entry level solution is our distressed homeowner leads that are available in our store. Next we offer custom database creation for the discerning marketer.
In our store (https://shop.theshare.group) you can instantly access distressed leads.

Most investors want custom criteria and so we create custom lists targeted for your ideal prospect.

Utilizing the nation’s leading consumer database as well as a property database, we can profile and deliver a finely tuned customer segment.

Sample Investor Selection Criteria

  • Ages of owners
  • Household Income
  • Length of residence
  • Purchase date and amount
  • Number of Mortgages,  dates, types, interest rates, amounts and LTV
  • Number of and presence of children
  • Age of home
  • Credit Rating
  • Single or married
  • Single or MFD

Distressed Homeowner Leads

Our investor package offers access to a database of homeowner leads available through our online platform granting you immediate access to promising investment possibilities.

Distressed properties often present opportunities for acquiring estate below market value making them an attractive option, for investors seeking returns.

Creating Tailored Databases

Acknowledging the preferences of investors when it comes to their ideal prospects we provide personalized database creation services. By utilizing consumer and property databases we assist in precisely identifying your target market.

Whether you seek properties based on owner demographics, income levels, tenure or other specific criteria our customized lists are crafted to align with your requirements.

Using The Share Group Wholesale Leads

Our wholesale lead represents a potential motivated property seller. Our leads also include:

  • Owner-First, Owner-Middle, Owner-Last: The full name of the property owner.
  • Owner-Address, Owner-City, Owner-State, Owner-Zip, Owner-Zip4: Complete postal address of the owner.
  • Owner-Phone, Owner-PhoneType, Owner-PhoneDNC: Primary phone number, its type (e.g., Wireless, Landline), and Do Not Call (DNC) status.
  • Owner-Phone2, Owner-PhoneType2, Owner-PhoneDNC2: Secondary phone number with its type and DNC status.
  • Owner-Email: Email address of the property owner.
    Property Information: These columns provide details about the property in question:
  • Property-Address, Property-City, Property-State, Property-Zip, Property-Zip4: Full address of the property.
  • Sale-Price, Sale-Date: Information about the sale price and date if available.

Additional Details: This section offers more in-depth information about the owner and the property:

  • Exact-Age, Marital-Status, Children-Present: Demographic details of the owner.
  • Home-Value, Loan-to-Value: Financial details related to the property.
  • Length-of-Residency, Year-Built: Information about the duration of the owner's residency and the year the property was built.
  • Est-Income: Estimated income of the property owner.
  • Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Square-Feet: Details about the property's size and features.
As always we have a phone quality guarantee that is unmatched in the industry.


With The Share Group it's not about acquiring leads; it's about unlocking opportunities for success in your real estate investments.

Transform your real estate investment strategy, with The Share Groups solutions. Reach out to us today to find out how we can assist you in reaching your investment objectives.

Investor Testimonials

"Hands down the most accurate data out there. If you business involves getting into contact with homeowners, look no further. I've tried several sources and my contact rates are 10% better across the board. Top it off with top-notch customer service. I'll be a user as long as I'm in this biz."

Chase Benedict

Real Estate Investor | Sotheby's International Realty

"Huge help. This was awesome!!! Made a huge hit on the first house we bought off the list!!! Definitely suggested!"

Adam Chalker

Real Estate Investor | Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

"They work extremely hard to make sure they're 100% satisfied with the product. I've ordered seller leads multiple times from them and you can tell they take pride in their product. The data provided was by far the most accurate i've ever received."

Isaac Fridmann

Real Estate Investor | Keller Williams Elite Properties

"Beyond impressed with the Data from The Share Group. I have over 3x my initial investment using the share groups leads. 9 times out of 10 I can actually get ahold of the owner of the property. I have referred 2 other real estate agents and they can say the same!"

Jacob Ortiz

Real Estate Investor |

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