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"Downsizing Seniors" or "Empty Nesters" are ideal seller lead candidates with equity and a high likelihood of selling.

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Downsizing Seniors / Empty Nesters,  One of the Best Seller Listing Leads 

As the Baby Boomers retire and Gen Xers become “Downsizers”, (also known as empty-nesters), they’re taking advantage of the hot real estate market and looking to downsize their house.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, of the 6.5 million homes sold every year, roughly 750,000 come from the senior community.  That number is expected to DOUBLE in the next few years to over 1.8 million homes, all selling from this one demographic of seniors / Downsizers.

Why should I market to Downsizers?

  • They have a large home where they’ve raised their family
  • Own a property that’s larger than your average home in the area
  • Are looking to Downsize to get something smaller
  • Plan to shift their assets and equity away from their large home that’s probably paid off
  • Pay cash for something smaller with a bedroom on the main floor

This segment has become an excellent source for listing opportunities that your competitors are likely not going after.  This under-served market of seniors are perfect candidates with a high likelihood of selling, they have equity in their house or their mortgage is paid off, and most likely have no relationship with a realtor.  

Filter your custom Downsizer lead list using dozens of demographics including:

  • Geography
  • Age
  • Income
  • Home value
  • Children no longer in the household
  • Size of home & home value
  • Home equity / LTV Loan-to-value
  • House type - Ranch, 1 ½ story, 2 story, etc

Realtors with experience working with “seniors” or “baby boomers” have a distinct advantage over those who primarily serve the typical first-time home buyer. These Downsizers are seeking expertise in navigating this major life transition. Many agents will work as a seller’s agent to help the “Downsizer” sell their home, and later act as buyer’s agent to help clients find their new property. 

For these homeowners, downsizing can represent an emotional life change. With seniors, it can be a psychological turning point in which they’re letting go of long-term property and possessions that hold sentimental value. 

The key to nurturing this downsizing niche comes down to having the proper tools that will enable you to connect with this potential market.  At The Share Group, the Downsizers niche has quickly become one of our best performing listing lead sources.  

With over 100 years of combined database marketing experience, The Share Group helps those working in the real estate business find more listings. We compile the best leads in your area based on your specifications. Don't worry about sifting through countless leads that don't go anywhere. We connect you with Downsizer seniors that are looking to move on their property. 

Contact The Share Group for Downsizer listing lead counts in your market.  Call (402)235-4556 to get started now or schedule a free strategy session with a data expert to walk through the process step-by-step.

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The Share Group makes it easy!

As an investor, broker, or real estate agent, you're busy connecting with clients and managing your day-to-day tasks. You don't have time during the day to research downsizer seller leads to pursue.

The Share Group does all the work for you. We create custom downsizer seller lead lists, so you have everything right at your fingertips. 

How we source our data

We continually update and cross-verify our Downsizer seller lead lists. We compile our datasets from multiple sources nationwide. 

The Share Group sources information from:

  • Telephone directories
  • County courthouse records
  • Credit bureaus
  • Government agencies
  • Postal services
  • Voter registration
  • Other opt-in resources

Our contact database includes a motivated seller's name, phone number, address, and email address. We make it as easy as possible for you to connect with motivated seller leads in your area. 

Target Downsizers to find new clients

The Share Group's team of marketing experts can help you compile targeted Downsizer seller lead lists, freeing up time in your day to do what you do best. You don't have to source contacts alone. Let The Share Group help you grow your business.


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Downsizer Seller Leads FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Downsizers?

Downsizers are homeowners that typically have a large home where they’ve raised their family, own a property that’s larger than your average home in the area, they're looking to Downsize to get something smaller, plan to shift their assets and equity away from their large home that’s probably paid off, and plan to pay cash for something smaller with a bedroom on the main floor.

How many Downsizer Leads are in the US?

There are over 5.2 million Downsizer Leads in the United States.  Send us zip codes in your market to see how many Downsizer leads are in your market.

Why The Share Group?

The Share Group is a boutique data marketing company focused on building lead lists for real estate agents, brokers and investors. We use our knowledge, expertise, and experience to aggregate and verify quality data for our clients.

With over 20 years in the database marketing industry, we know that the most important aspect of any marketing campaign is having the correct data. At the Share Group, reliable, accurate, and responsive data is the foundation of our business.

How is the data compiled?

We bring together nationwide data sets from multiple sources to compile, cross-verify and update our Downsizer leads.

These online and offline sources include public records like county courthouse records, telephone directories, credit bureaus, government agencies, postal services, voter registrations, as well as dozens of online opt-in resources. 

We then append owner phone number AND owner email address from our proprietary contact database. 

What data is included?

Downsizer property leads include the following fields at no additional cost:

  • Property Owner's First & Last Name
  • Property Owner's Address, City, State & Postal Code
  • Owner Phone Number - 100%
  • Owner Email (where available approximately ~ 60%)

How many leads do I need?

For first time customers we typically recommend starting with at least 3,500 to 5000 lead records.  Our Downsizer leads are sold as a one-time purchase. 

There are no contracts or commitments.  We know that when you're successful, you'll be back for more leads.   

In the end, it all depends on you.  How much time have you allocated for prospecting and how many calls will you get through in a day or a week. 

Talk to one of our data experts and we can find the best solution for your campaign. (402) 235-4556

Can you flag DNC phone numbers?

Yes, we can omit / remove or simply flag FTC Do-Not-Call records at NO additional cost.  Talk to your account rep for more details.

Which numbers are cell phones?

Our Downsizer real estate lead lists will include a mix of landline and cell phones.

We can filter the list to remove or simply flag any cell phones if needed.

How is the data updated?

Our real estate lead databases are updated every 60 to 90 days.

We pride ourselves on having the most accurate and up-to-date leads available.

How will the list be formatted?

Your Downsizer lead list will be sent to you in an Excel (.xls or .csv) format which can be imported into any CRM, dialer, or other marketing tool.

5 MM
Over 5.2 Million Downsizer Leads
ALL records include owner phone number
60% of records include owner email
best downsizing leads for real estate agents downsizing real estate listings
best downsizing leads for real estate agents downsizing real estate listings

#1 Resource for Downsizer Leads!

Wouldn't it be nice to consistently find new listings and grow your business? We can help.

We'll give you the intelligence (owner name, address, phone and email) you need to quickly connect you with "Downsizer" homeowners looking to sell.

It's not a pipe dream - it's real.  Let us show you how!

Jared Wright - Founder
The Share Group

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Leads Include Owner Address + 100% Phone & Email

  • Owner Name - LARRY JOHNSON
  • Owner Phone - (315) 431-1234
  • Owner Email - JOHNSON456@GMAIL.COM
  • Owner Address - 1244 HIGBY RD
  • Owner City - UTICA
  • Owner State - NY
  • Owner Zip - 13501

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"I think Jared and the Share Group are phenomenal to work with. They are very prompt with replies and deliveries. The level of customer service they give to us is unmatched."

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