Lead Wallet

Pre-purchase leads in bulk (2,500, 5,000, or 10,000) at a reduced cost. 

Download them at your convenience over time, ensuring you always have the most accurate leads you need, when you need them.

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Compare Wallet Packages

Launchpad Starter

Starting at 2,500 Leads
For agents ready to gain market presence.
DNC & 100% Email included
No minimum order quantity
Significant 10% Discount
Flexible Usage:Use your leads at your own pace
Buy leads for your team and share the cost

Ramping Up

Starting at 5,000 Leads
For established agents aiming for significant expansion.
DNC & 100% Email included
No minimum order quantity
Significant 20% Discount
Flexible Usage:Use your leads at your own pace
Buy leads for your team and share the cost

Professional / Team

Starting at 10,000 Leads
For top-tier agents focused on dominating their market.
DNC & 100% Email included
No minimum order quantity
Significant 30% Discount
Flexible Usage:Use your leads at your own pace
Buy leads for your team and share the cost

Lead Wallet FAQs

What is the Lead Wallet?

The Lead Wallet is designed to offer real estate agents a flexible and cost-effective way to purchase and manage high-quality leads. It allows you to pre-purchase lead credits in bulk at discounted rates, which you can then redeem for leads as needed.  Always accurate and up to date!

How do I purchase lead credits?

You can purchase lead credits directly through our online store at https://shop.theshare.group. Choose the quantity that suits your needs, from 2,500 to 10,000 credits, and enjoy discounts of up to 35%.

Can I buy leads without a Lead Wallet?

Yes, you can purchase leads directly without the Lead Wallet at a rate of $0.20 per lead. However, using the Lead Wallet offers significant savings and flexibility, especially for bulk purchases.

What discounts do I get with the Lead Wallet?

Discounts range from 10% to 35%, depending on the quantity of lead credits you purchase. The more credits you buy, the bigger the discount.

Do my lead credits expire?

No, your lead credits do not expire. You can use your leads as needed, providing you with the flexibility to manage your lead acquisition according to your business pace and strategy.

Can I share my Lead Wallet with my team?

Yes, the Lead Wallet is designed to support both individual agents and teams. You can share the cost and access to leads with your team members, ensuring everyone benefits from the discounted rates and high-quality leads.


How do I know the leads are high quality?

We ensure the highest quality of leads by providing the most current and accurate information available. We also offer options for do-not-call suppression and email-only records to comply with regulations and enhance lead quality.

Is there a minimum order for downloading leads with the Wallet?

No, there is no minimum order when you have credits in your wallet. You can download leads as per your need, whether it's one lead or a hundred, as long as you have sufficient credits in your Lead Wallet.

Can I request leads from specific geographic areas?

Yes, you can specify geographic areas for your leads. Our system allows you to select leads based on specific regions, states, or cities, ensuring you get the most relevant prospects for your business.

Are there any setup fees for the Lead Wallet?

No, there are no setup fees for starting with the Lead Wallet. You only pay for the lead credits you purchase, with no hidden costs.

How can I track my lead credit balance?

You can easily track your lead credit balance through your account dashboard on our website. It provides real-time updates on your credit usage and remaining balance.

Is there a limit to how many leads I can download at once?

There is no fixed limit to how many leads you can download at once, as long as you have enough credits in your Lead Wallet. Our platform is designed to cater to both small and large-scale lead acquisition needs.

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Use The Share Group's Lead Wallet to purchase 2,500 or more leads and unlock discounts ranging from 10-35%.

Stop wasting money on overpriced leads and start investing in your success.

Whether you want a one-time bulk purchase, or you're planning ahead, the Lead Wallet is the best way to save money on quality leads.

Check Availability in Your Market

Agent Testimonials

"Hands down the most accurate data out there. If you business involves getting into contact with homeowners, look no further. I've tried several sources and my contact rates are 10% better across the board. Top it off with top-notch customer service. I'll be a user as long as I'm in this biz."

Chase Benedict

Real Estate Agent | Sotheby's International Realty

I’m loving the data 💰 the data is very accurate with the search criteria and accuracy of the phone numbers ✅ I look forward to calling more of the data.

Cristian Samayoa

Real Estate Agent | FastTXBuyers.com

"They work extremely hard to make sure they're 100% satisfied with the product. I've ordered seller leads multiple times from them and you can tell they take pride in their product. The data provided was by far the most accurate i've ever received."

Isaac Fridmann

Real Estate Agent | Keller Williams Elite Properties

"Beyond impressed with the Data from The Share Group. I have over 3x my initial investment using the share groups leads. 9 times out of 10 I can actually get ahold of the owner of the property. I have referred 2 other real estate agents and they can say the same!"

Jacob Ortiz

Real Estate Agent |

I bought likely to sell leads back in January and from that list I listed 3 homes and sold 2 of them. The leads are legitimate and the data is very accurate. I’ve already recommended the ShareGroup to other realtors in my office because these leads were a game changer for my business.

Jake Paez

Real Estate Agent | Coldwell Banker Highlands Properties

The Share Group has amazing service and the leads actually work!  Within 5 months of consistency and following up I went on 10 listing appointments and sold 1 property. Highly recommend for all agents looking to scale their business.

Kenny Michel

Real Estate Agent | EXP Realty

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Explore the Lead Wallet today

The Lead Wallet is designed to benefit both individual agents and teams, allowing the cost and access to leads to be shared.

This ensures the best possible price while supporting your business development and prospecting plans effectively.

Join the ranks of real estate professionals enhancing their operations with our innovative tool in 2024.

  • Cost-Effective Lead Acquisition: Save up to 35% on bulk purchases, making your budget work smarter, not harder.
  • Flexibility and Freedom: Buy leads on your terms, no minimum order, get exactly what you need, when you need it.
  • Quality and Compliance: Access the most accurate, up-to-date leads, increasing your chances of conversion.
  • Team Empowerment: Share access and costs with your team to propel everyone forward.

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