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Best source for real estate seller leads for real estate pros to find more listings. Off-market sellers, likely-to-sell, distressed properties, and more.

Webinar Recap: Mastering Real Estate Leads Without Cold Calling

In 2024, generating leads without resorting to cold calling can be a game-changer for agents...

Unlocking Off-Market Deals: Jake's Million-Dollar Success

Jake’s Journey to a Million-Dollar Deal

Hotspots for Real Estate Investment: Where Absentee Owners Dominate the Market

The Top 50 US Counties with the Highest Percentage of Absentee-Owned Properties

Understanding the...

Prospecting Scripts & Questions for Every Seller Type

1. Absentee Owners - The Investment Check-In

Script: "Hi [Owner's Name], I'm [Your Name] with [Your...

Distressed Homeowners Are An Excellent Lead Source in 2024 and Here's Why

Why Target Distressed Homeowners?

Timely Solutions Provide Mutual Benefits

For distressed...

$100K Income in Real Estate With Absentee Owner Leads

Understanding Absentee Owners

Absentee owners own properties they do not occupy. These properties...

From Data to Deals: Leveraging Information for Real Estate Success

I'm thrilled to share with you this insightful video featuring industry veterans Kevin Schumacher &...

Niche Down - Specialize to Outshine Your Competition

1. The Share Group and Niche Markets in Real Estate

From Classroom to Closing Deals: Alnazir's Cold Calling Method

Creator Bio:

Alnazir Blackman is a rising star in the real estate world, known for his unique...

10 Strategies Working With Distressed Homeowners

Introduction to Distressed Homeowners

Distressed homeowner leads offer an opportunity for real...

The #1 Sales Skill That Can Change Your Real Estate Sales Career

Understanding Human Decision-Making in Sales

Every sale hinges on a human decision. Research...

Real Estate PPC and Retargeting Ads: Get High-Quality Leads Fast

Convert Visitors into Leads with PPC and Retargeting Ads for Real Estate

The real estate...

Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Services to Beat Your Competition

Get Noticed With Direct Mail Marketing for Real Estate

The Silver Tsunami: How Baby Boomers are Reshaping the Housing Market

The Silver Tsunami; Embracing the Changing Real Estate Market

Recent findings from Redfin reveal...