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Home Prices are NOT Falling: How Real Estate Agents Can Secure More Listings in 2023

There has been significant noise surrounding home prices over the past year. Such misconceptions have inadvertently impacted potential sellers' confidence, causing them to postpone their listing plans. However, real estate agents, equipped with the right insights, can use this knowledge to their advantage. Contrary to many claims, home prices haven't plummeted. In fact, after a slight dip in 2022, prices have been climbing nationally this year.

Graph depicting 2022-2023 home price trends relevant for real estate agents

During the last quarter of 2022, several industry pundits projected a fall in home prices for 2023. Media outlets widely disseminated these predictions, leading to apprehensive headlines and cautious homeowners. Such negative news can be a barrier for real estate agents looking for more listings, but with the right data, this obstacle can be transformed into an opportunity.

The Real Story: Home Prices Display Robustness

While the market faced some skepticism, real data tells a story of resilience and optimism. For agents seeking to bolster their listings, understanding and conveying this narrative is crucial. Trusted sources have shown that the short-lived declines in home prices (marked in red on many graphs) were neither severe nor prolonged. By staying ahead of the curve and utilizing these insights, real estate professionals can approach potential sellers with confidence and factual evidence.

The Future Landscape: Optimizing Listings in a Growing Market

Consensus among industry experts suggests that the home prices will continue their upward trend, albeit at a more moderate pace. While some may misconstrue this normalized growth as a downturn, agents armed with facts can correct these misconceptions. This shift towards a more stable appreciation rate offers a promising landscape for those looking to secure more listings.

However, it's crucial for agents to be wary of misleading media narratives. The Consumer Confidence Survey by Fannie Mae has shown that while most Americans were gaining confidence in the market, recent figures indicate a slight dip in confidence (highlighted in red). This discrepancy emphasizes the need for real estate professionals to provide accurate information to potential sellers, countering the media's sometimes exaggerated portrayals.

FAQs for Agents:

  1. Are home prices declining in 2023?

    • No, home prices have displayed resilience and are currently on an upward trend.
  2. What do projections say about the real estate market's future?

    • Home prices are expected to continue appreciating, but at a more sustainable and normalized rate.
  3. How can I leverage this information to gain more listings?

    • By staying informed and communicating accurate market insights, you can build trust with potential sellers, positioning yourself as a knowledgeable and reliable agent.


In the competitive world of real estate, agents who can cut through the noise and provide clear, accurate insights will stand out. The 2023 housing market is ripe with opportunities, and by harnessing the correct data, agents can optimize their strategies and secure more listings. By acting as a beacon of truth in a sea of misinformation, real estate professionals can truly shine.

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