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From Classroom to Closing Deals: Alnazir's Cold Calling Method

Alnazir's approach to cold calling caught my attention for its innovative, fearless, and highly effective strategy.

Sharing this video is essential because it encapsulates not just the techniques but the mindset shift required for success in real estate cold calling.


Creator Bio:

Alnazir Blackman is a rising star in the real estate world, known for his unique approach to cold calling for listings. Transitioning from a full-time teaching career to real estate, Alnazir has quickly made his mark by leveraging his exceptional communication skills and strategic approach to cold calling.

His journey is shared on the Share Group's latest webinar episode, a community dedicated to providing real estate professionals with resources, strategies, and real-world experiences. Learn more about The Share Group's insights and strategies on The Share Group's website.

Key Takeaways From The Video:

  1. Overcoming Fear: Alnazir emphasizes the importance of pushing past the fear of cold calling. His strategy involves learning from others, practicing, and gradually building confidence to make calls effectively.
  2. Daily Metrics and Consistency: Understanding and adhering to daily metrics for calls made and contacts reached is crucial. Alnazir's success is rooted in his commitment to these metrics and his consistency in making calls.
  3. Community and Support: Creating or joining a community of like-minded individuals can significantly impact your success. Alnazir credits part of his success to the support and motivation he receives from participating in a community of real estate professionals.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Start Small and Learn: Begin by observing and learning from experienced professionals. Use their strategies to build your confidence.
  2. Set Clear Daily Goals: Know your metrics. Aim for a specific number of calls and contacts each day to ensure progress.
  3. Create a Support System: Join or form a community for mutual support, motivation, and to share strategies.
  4. Embrace Consistency: Commit to your goals without expecting immediate results. Allow your efforts to build over time for success.

"The treasure map to gold is in the calls you make. You are the one on the hunt." - Alnazir Blackman

Resources Mentioned:

  • RedX: A dialer system that Alnazir uses for making efficient cold calls. It helps streamline the process and increase the number of calls made.
  • KV Core: A real estate platform included in Alnazir's brokerage fees, offering various tools for agents.
  • The Share Group: A community platform providing resources and support for real estate professionals.

Personal Best Advice:

As someone deeply entrenched in the real estate niche, my best advice mirrors Alnazir's approach: embrace the fear and do it anyway.

The path to success in real estate, especially in cold calling, is paved with rejection and learning. Each no brings you closer to a yes.

Equip yourself with the right tools, like RedX and KV Core, and immerse yourself in a supportive community.

Remember, consistency is key. Set your metrics, stick to them, and watch your efforts bear fruit.


  1. How do I overcome the fear of cold calling?
    • Start by learning from others and gradually build your confidence through practice.
  2. What are daily metrics?
    • These are specific goals for the number of calls and contacts you aim to reach each day.
  3. Why is a support community important?
    • A community provides motivation, support, and shared strategies, making the journey less isolating.
  4. How long before I see results from cold calling?
    • Commit to a consistent effort for at least 90 days to allow your sales pipeline to mature.
  5. What tools do I need for effective cold calling?
    • A reliable dialer like RedX and a comprehensive real estate platform like KV Core are essential.

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