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An Absolute Goldmine: How Downsizing Seniors are Transforming the Real Estate Market

Are you ready to tap into a real estate goldmine? In this insightful video, Brandon Mulrenin and Jared share why downsizing seniors will become a top lead source for real estate agents in the next 3-5 years.

The real estate landscape is shifting, and this untapped demographic holds immense potential. As an expert in the field, I'm thrilled to bring you this summary, breaking down the key takeaways from the video and highlighting why it's crucial for you to watch and learn.

downsizing senior real estate market leads

Why This Video is a Must-Watch

As an industry insider, I believe that staying ahead of market trends is crucial for success. Brandon Mulrenin and Jared shed light on a powerful demographic that is poised to drive real estate transactions in the coming years. With approximately 10% of annual home sales in the U.S. being attributed to seniors, the imminent doubling of this number underscores the immense opportunities that lie ahead. By targeting downsizing seniors, you can establish a lucrative niche and gain a competitive advantage. This video is a game-changer, offering insights that will shape the future of your real estate endeavors.

About the Creators

Brandon Mulrenin is a seasoned real estate expert with a knack for identifying emerging trends. His expertise lies in helping real estate agents leverage untapped markets for maximum success. Jared, a trusted collaborator, brings data-driven insights that complement Brandon's strategic vision. Together, they form a dynamic duo dedicated to empowering real estate professionals.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Senior Demographic Surge: The video emphasizes that the senior demographic, particularly downsizing seniors, is set to become a dominant force in real estate transactions. With the number of senior home sellers projected to double in the next few years, this demographic presents a significant opportunity for real estate agents.

  2. Targeting the Right Prospects: Brandon highlights the characteristics that define potential downsizers. Seniors with larger homes who are looking to transition to smaller, more manageable properties are the prime candidates. The goal is to identify individuals who have paid off their mortgages and are seeking a change in their housing situation.

  3. Unsaturated Market: The creators underscore the fact that this demographic is often underserved by real estate agents. This presents a unique opportunity for agents to establish meaningful connections and offer valuable services to a market segment with fewer existing relationships in the industry.

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Segmentation: Utilize age and date of birth data to identify potential downsizing seniors.
  2. Home Characteristics: Focus on larger homes with paid-off mortgages and determine loan-to-value ratios.
  3. Demographic Insights: Leverage demographic data to tailor your approach and marketing strategies.

Brandon Mulrenin: "What a great demographic for listing opportunities that my competitors most likely are not going after."

Resources Mentioned

  • Data Overlay: Overlay age and date of birth information onto data to identify the senior market.
  • Home Size Criteria: Utilize size of home as a variable for targeting downsizing seniors.
  • Equity Analysis: Assess the equity and loan-to-value ratio of homes to gauge potential downsizers.

My Expert Advice

As someone deeply entrenched in the real estate industry, I wholeheartedly recommend seizing the opportunities presented by downsizing seniors. By specializing in this demographic, you position yourself for success in an evolving market. Leverage the insights from this video to craft a strategic approach that caters to the unique needs of downsizers. Building relationships in an underserved market can pave the way for long-term success and growth.


Q1: Why is the downsizing senior market gaining prominence? A1: The downsizing senior market is growing rapidly, with studies indicating a doubling of senior home sales in the coming years. This demographic represents an untapped opportunity for real estate agents.

Q2: What characteristics define a potential downsizer? A2: Potential downsizers are seniors who have larger homes, have paid off their mortgages, and are looking to transition to smaller, more manageable properties.

Q3: How can I target downsizing seniors effectively? A3: Utilize data overlay to identify seniors by age, assess home size and equity, and tailor your approach based on demographic insights.

Q4: Why is the downsizing senior market considered underserved? A4: Many real estate agents focus on younger generations, leaving the downsizing senior market underserved and open for agents to build meaningful connections.

Q5: How can I differentiate myself in the downsizing senior market? A5: By understanding the unique needs of downsizers and offering tailored services, you can establish a strong presence and become a trusted resource in this niche.

Video Transcription

Brandon Mulrenin: I'm talking a lot about a great demographic right now that's going to be very fruitful for real estate agents over the next three to five years. There's a study that just came out that baby boomers and seniors are going to make up ... So let me give some context. In the United States, there's about six to six and a half million homes that sell every single year. Of that, about 750,000 typically come from the senior community. All right, well there's studies that suggest that's going to double over the next year, two, three, four, five years. So over 1.5, 1.8 million homes are going to be selling every year from this one demographic, which is seniors or downsizers. And so let's talk about this list. This is probably the list that I'm most excited about. And we have people reach out to your company all the time to get the data, to get the leads. And so I want to give people some context of what should be on that list.

Jared: Yeah, go for it.

Brandon Mulrenin:  Well, let me just tee it up and then you can tell us-

Jared: How helpful.

Brandon Mulrenin: The scientific way and how you do it. So what we have to look at is say, okay, people of retirement age that have a bigger home where they've raised their family in a property that's larger than your average home in the area, these people most, a lot of them, a large percentage... We're not talking about a hundred percent. There's never a hundred percent of anything. But a large percentage of these people, when you get to this time in your life, going to want to downsize, get something smaller. Shift their assets from their large home that's probably paid off. Put that in, pay cash for something smaller with a bedroom that's on the main floor. So we say, "Wait a minute. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. What a great demographic for listing opportunities that my competitors most likely are not going after." So let's talk about what their options are, Jared, when they reach out to you and how they can create this list.

How to Build the Senior Segment Market

Jared: Bingo, appreciate that. There's a lot of options you can do to build the senior segment market and customize that for what you're used to going after. But we do overlay date of birth and age information onto the data. So you can select the senior market by the age. We also can overlay it and identify that there's children no longer in the household.

Brandon Mulrenin: Love it.

Jared: Size of home is a variable that we use for criteria. Value of home obviously is important. But you hit it on the head when you were setting this up, is no mortgage. They have the home paid off, and we're able to tell the LTV, which is loan to value, and we have that information. So we can tell how long they've lived there, age of home, and some of the demographic characteristics that really niche in to target this market, like Brandon said, is starting to be more and more part of the transactions as the years progress.

Brandon Mulrenin: Yeah, I love it. Yeah, the reason I like it so much to just pile onto this is typically the younger generations have relationships with realtors because real estate has become so sexy. It's like everybody's a realtor. With the older demographic, it's less likely that they have a tight relationship with a real estate agent. And so not only is this a great targeted list of prospects, but when you do talk to them, it's very unlikely that you get that objection of like, "Oh, I have an agent already." So you have a demographic, Jared, that has a high likelihood of selling. They're the perfect candidate because a lot of their homes are paid off. We like working with clients that have equity. And they have no relationships with realtors. It's a very underserved market, and they appreciate this. You just keep piling on. It's a great opportunity for realtors.

Jared: Yeah, no, that's a good one. I like it.

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