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From Data to Deals: Leveraging Information for Real Estate Success

Today, we're excited to share expert advice from our recent webinar featuring top real estate agents, Kevin Schumacher and Blake Wallace.

These seasoned professionals took the stage to reveal their personal and highly effective strategies for securing real estate listings over the phone—a crucial skill in today's competitive market.

Real estate agents Kevin Schumacher and Blake Wallace discussing real estate tips & strategies

I'm thrilled to share with you this insightful video featuring industry veterans Kevin Schumacher & Blake Wallace. Their expert strategies and personal experiences offer a goldmine of knowledge for anyone aiming to enhance their sales techniques. This video is a must-watch for agents eager to transform their approach and achieve consistent success.

About the Creators

This video is brought to you by The Share Group, a leader in providing actionable seller leads to real estate professionals across the US. Hosted by Tim Slevin, CEO, and Jerod Wright, the founder of The Share Group, the webinar introduces seasoned real estate experts Kevin Schumacher and Blake Wallace, who have significantly benefited from The Share Group's resources in their illustrious careers. More about their offerings can be found at The Share Group.

Key Takeaways

  1. Optimal Calling Times: Kevin and Blake highlight the importance of calling during specific times to increase the chances of connecting with potential sellers, notably between 1 PM and 3 PM.
  2. Utilizing Data Effectively: They stress the use of targeted data to reach potential clients more effectively, avoiding the inefficiency of blanket neighborhood calls.
  3. Follow-Up Strategies: The importance of consistent follow-ups is discussed, emphasizing relationship building with potential clients through methods like handwritten notes and regular check-ins.

Step-by-Step Sales Process

  1. Gather Data: Start by utilizing data from The Share Group to target specific neighborhoods or demographics.
  2. Schedule Calls: Based on insights from Kevin and Blake, schedule your calls during optimal times to increase connection rates.
  3. Initial Contact: Make the first call to gauge interest and collect preliminary information.
  4. Follow-Up: Send a personalized thank you note after the call, and maintain monthly contact to nurture the lead.
  5. Close the Deal: With persistence and effective communication, convert the nurtured leads into listings.

Blake Wallace emphasizes, "It’s about being brief, then be gone. That becomes my commercial."


  • The Share Group’s Portal: Offers comprehensive data sets tailored to specific city areas, helping agents target their calls more effectively.
  • Homebot: A tool for agents to provide direct outreach in a more passive approach.
  • Chime: A CRM tool mentioned for effectively managing client interactions and data.

Best Advice

As an expert in real estate sales, our best advice is to focus on building relationships over transactions. Utilizing tools and data is crucial, but the human touch will differentiate you in this competitive market. Remember, every call is a step towards a potential sale, and every interaction is an opportunity to build a lasting connection.


  1. What is the best time to make sales calls?
    • Optimal times are usually between 1 PM and 3 PM.
  2. How often should I follow up with a potential lead?
    • Monthly follow-ups are recommended to keep the connection alive.
  3. What should be included in a follow-up?
    • Personal touches like a handwritten note or a personalized email can be very effective.
  4. How important is data in real estate phone sales?
    • Highly crucial; targeted data allows for more effective and efficient outreach.
  5. Can I improve my sales without high-quality leads?
    • While possible, high-quality leads like those from The Share Group significantly increase success rates.

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