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Prospecting with a Purpose

We have been doing some great work with clients looking for a lead generation program. Our Prospecting with a Purpose Program generates leads created from an email branding campaign sent to potential customers who have been profiled and targeted through our business databases. Emails are sent twice a month to potential customers. Prospects who open, click, or fill out a lead form can be retargeted through your company's choice: phone calls, emails, social media retargeting, and/or direct mail.


It's a simple and cost-effective way for businesses to supplement their marketing budgets. We create the branded email campaign, deploy the emails, then provide reporting back to you! Your company will be engaging with potential customers by telling them who you are, what you do, what sets you apart and share an overview of your company's products or services.


Cold calling is no fun. Engage with clients first through inviting emails and we can help you generate hot, warm and branded leads that you can follow up with!


Let The Share Group save you time and increase the number of prospects you have. Click below to learn more about our Prospecting with a Purpose program.

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