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Prospecting Scripts & Questions for Every Seller Type

As a real estate agent, your ability to connect with a variety of clients is crucial. Tailoring your approach to their unique situations can significantly increase your chances of securing more listings.

Below are specialized scripts and questions for different client types, including absentee owners, distressed homeowners, and those undergoing significant life changes.

real estate call scripts and questions for all seller types

1. Absentee Owners - The Investment Check-In

Script: "Hi [Owner's Name], I'm [Your Name] with [Your Real Estate Agency]. I noticed you own a property at [Property Address], which isn't your current residence. I'm calling to check in on how this investment is working out for you. Are you finding the management from afar challenging?"


    1. Understanding Property Management:

      • "How are you currently managing your property from a distance? Are you facing any particular challenges?"
      • "What has your experience been like with any property management services you've used?"
    2. Assessing Satisfaction with Current Arrangements:

      • "Are there aspects of managing your property remotely that you find particularly stressful or unsatisfactory?"
      • "How often do you find yourself thinking about the property? Is it a frequent concern?"
    3. Exploring Potential for Selling or Leasing:

      • "Have you ever considered selling or leasing your property? What would make either option attractive to you?"
      • "If you were to lease or sell, what would be your primary goals or concerns in doing so?"
    4. Gauging Interest in Real Estate Market Updates:

      • "Would you be interested in receiving updates on the real estate market in the area where your property is located?"
      • "How often do you review the performance of your property as an investment?"
    5. Discussing Long-Term Plans:

      • "What are your long-term plans for the property? Do you see it as a short-term investment or a long-term holding?"
      • "Are there any changes in your life or financial goals that might affect your plans for the property?"
    6. Inquiring About Property Maintenance:

      • "How do you currently handle maintenance and repairs for your property? Are there any recurring issues?"
      • "What's your process for ensuring the property remains in good condition?"
    7. Understanding Communication Preferences:

      • "How do you prefer to be updated about your property? Would regular reports or updates be helpful?"
      • "What's the best way for me to provide you with information or assistance regarding your property?"
    8. Checking on Local Connections:

      • "Do you have local contacts or resources you rely on for your property, or do you handle everything remotely?"
      • "How often do you visit the property, and what are your main activities or concerns during those visits?"

    These questions are designed to open up a dialogue with the absentee owner, helping you to understand their current situation, challenges, and how you might be able to offer valuable assistance or solutions.

distressed homeowner property leads

2. Connecting with Distressed Homeowners - The Supportive Advisor

Script: "Hello [Homeowner's Name], I'm [Your Name] from [Your Real Estate Agency]. I understand that keeping up with a property can sometimes be overwhelming, especially in tough times. I've helped many in similar situations find manageable solutions. May I share some options that could ease your burden?"


When speaking with distressed homeowners, it's crucial to approach the conversation with empathy and sensitivity. Your questions should aim to understand their situation without being intrusive, and offer support where possible. Here are some thoughtful questions for engaging with distressed homeowners:

  1. Understanding Their Situation:

    • "Can you share with me what you find most challenging about your current home situation?"
    • "Are there specific aspects of maintaining or affording your home that have become particularly difficult recently?"
  2. Exploring Their Needs and Concerns:

    • "What are the most pressing concerns you have about your property at the moment?"
    • "How has your situation changed in relation to your home over the past few months?"
  3. Gauging Their Emotional State:

    • "I can only imagine how stressful this must be for you. How are you coping with these challenges?"
    • "What kind of support or resources do you feel would be most helpful to you right now?"
  4. Discussing Possible Solutions:

    • "Have you considered any solutions or alternatives to alleviate some of the pressures you're facing?"
    • "If there were ways to make your situation more manageable, what would they ideally look like?"
  5. Understanding Their Financial Position:

    • "Are there specific financial pressures related to your home that you're finding particularly challenging?"
    • "Have you explored any financial assistance or restructuring options regarding your property?"
  6. Inquiring About Future Plans:

    • "Have you thought about what the next steps might be for you and your home?"
    • "What does an ideal outcome look like for you in this situation?"
  7. Offering Assistance and Guidance:

    • "How can I assist you in finding the best path forward with your property?"
    • "Would you find it helpful to discuss potential options that could provide some relief?"
  8. Checking Their Awareness of Resources:

    • "Are you aware of any local resources or services that might be able to offer assistance or advice in your situation?"
    • "Would you like information on programs or services that could help homeowners in distress?"

Remember, the key in these conversations is to listen actively and offer support. Many distressed homeowners may feel overwhelmed, so providing a non-judgmental space for them to discuss their options can be incredibly valuable.

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3. Approaching Divorced Homeowners - The Understanding Partner

Script: "Hi [Homeowner's Name], I'm [Your Name] with [Your Real Estate Agency]. I've been reaching out to homeowners in [Area] to discuss how changes in life circumstances might impact their housing needs. It's not uncommon for needs to evolve over time. I'm here to help explore your options, should you need any assistance or advice. What changes are you currently considering for your living situation?"

  1. Understanding Current Needs:

    • "How well is your current home meeting your needs at this stage in your life?"
    • "Are you considering making any changes to your living situation in the near future?"
  2. Exploring Future Plans:

    • "As you think about the next chapter in your life, what does your ideal living situation look like?"
    • "Are there specific features or locations you’re looking for in a new home?"
  3. Addressing Space Requirements:

    • "Do you find your current home too large or too small for your current lifestyle?"
    • "How important is it for you to have a home that’s more suited to your current needs?"
  4. Discussing Financial Considerations:

    • "How comfortable are you with the financial aspects of your current home?"
    • "Would a change in your living situation potentially help with managing your finances more effectively?"
  5. Gauging Emotional Readiness:

    • "Moving can be a big decision – how do you feel about the process of selling and finding a new home?"
    • "What are the key factors that will influence your decision to move?"
  6. Offering Support and Guidance:

    • "If you were to move, what kind of support would you find most helpful from a real estate perspective?"
    • "Are there any concerns or questions you have about the process of selling or buying that I can help clarify?"
  7. Understanding Timeframes:

    • "Do you have a timeline in mind for when you’d like to make a change in your living situation?"
    • "How urgent are your needs for adjusting your current housing situation?"
  8. Checking on Decision-Making Process:

    • "Who else will be involved in the decision-making process for your next home?"
    • "How can I assist in making this process as smooth and stress-free as possible for everyone involved?"

Remember, the key is to be empathetic and patient, allowing the homeowner to share information at their comfort level. Your role is to be a supportive and understanding professional, ready to assist when they are ready to take the next steps.

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4. Assisting Upsizing Families - The Future Planner

Script: "Hello [Homeowner's Name], I'm [Your Name] with [Your Real Estate Agency]. I've noticed many families in [Area] are looking for larger homes as their families grow. Is this something you've considered for your family? I can help explore options that meet your evolving needs."


  • "What aspects of your current home do you find limiting for your growing family?"
  • "Are there specific features or a type of neighborhood you're looking for in a larger home?"
  • "What timeline are you considering for moving to a home that better suits your family's needs?"
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5. Engaging Downsizing Retirees - The New Chapter Conversationalist

Script: "Good day [Homeowner's Name], I'm [Your Name] from [Your Real Estate Agency]. As retirement approaches, many are looking to downsize for a simpler lifestyle. Is this a new chapter you're considering? I specialize in helping find comfortable, convenient homes that fit this exciting life stage."


  • "What are you looking forward to most about downsizing your home?"
  • "Are there specific amenities or locations you're considering for your next home?"
  • "How can I assist in making your transition to a smaller home as smooth as possible?"


6. Guiding First-Time Sellers - The Guiding Hand

Script: "Hi [Homeowner's Name], this is [Your Name] at [Your Real Estate Agency]. I see you purchased your home several years ago. If you're thinking about selling for the first time, the process might seem daunting. I'm here to guide you through each step, ensuring a smooth and successful sale. Would you like some initial advice?"


  • "What are your main concerns or questions about selling your home for the first time?"
  • "Have you thought about your next steps after selling your current home?"
  • "What improvements or changes have you made to your home since you purchased it?"

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7. Reinvigorating Expired Listings - The Second Chance Strategist

Script: "Hello [Homeowner's Name], I'm [Your Name] from [Your Real Estate Agency]. I noticed your listing at [Property Address] recently expired. Sometimes, a fresh approach can make all the difference. Would you be open to discussing strategies to reinvigorate interest in your property?"


  • "What were the biggest challenges you faced with your previous listing?"
  • "Is there anything you would like to do differently this time in marketing your property?"
  • "What are your current goals and timelines for selling your property?"

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8. Assisting Out-of-Area Buyers - The Local Expert

Script: "Hi [Buyer's Name], I'm [Your Name] with [Your Real Estate Agency]. Relocating can be challenging, especially to a new area. As a local expert in [Area], I can provide insights and guidance to find a home that fits your lifestyle and needs. What are you looking for in your new community?"


  • "What prompts your move to [Area]?"
  • "Are there specific community features or amenities that are important to you?"
  • "What type of property are you envisioning as your ideal home in this new area?"

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9. Engaging Investors - The Market Analyst

Script: "Good morning [Investor's Name], this is [Your Name] at [Your Real Estate Agency]. I've been analyzing market trends in [Area], and I've identified some promising investment opportunities. Can we discuss how these align with your investment goals?"


  • "What types of properties have you invested in previously?"
  • "Are you looking for short-term gains or long-term investments?"
  • "What are your key criteria for an investment property in [Area]?"


10. Reconnecting with Past Clients - The Relationship Rekindler

Script: "Hello [Client's Name], it's [Your Name] from [Your Real Estate Agency]. It's been a while since we last spoke when I helped you with [Previous Transaction]. I'm just checking in to see how everything is going and if there are any new real estate needs I can assist you with."


  • "How has your home been meeting your needs since our last transaction?"
  • "Are there any changes or upgrades you've been considering?"
  • "Is there anything on the horizon that might change your current real estate situation?"

Each of these scripts is designed to be adaptable to your personal style and the specific needs of the client, ensuring a more personalized and effective real estate prospecting approach.

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