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The #1 Sales Skill That Can Change Your Real Estate Sales Career

Being able to convince and convert potential clients is crucial for success in the real estate industry. However, the key to effective salesmanship isn't about being pushy; it's about skillfully guiding clients to convince themselves.

This innovative approach, rooted in the power of self-persuasion and thought-provoking "Socratic questioning", is taken to the next level when combined with the exceptional services offered by The Share Group.

Understanding Human Decision-Making in Sales

Every sale hinges on a human decision. Research indicates that decisions are driven by the desire to avoid pain or gain pleasure. However, decision-making is more complex than these basic motivators. As per a study in the Journal of Consumer Research, consumers are more influenced by their own beliefs than direct persuasion tactics. This is where The Share Group steps in, providing real estate agents with exclusive seller leads, including absentee owners, distressed homeowners, and more, to target the right audience effectively.

Examples of Effective Sales Questions

Here are some examples of sales questions that Brandon refers to, which can be particularly effective in real estate sales:

  1. Challenging the Status Quo: "Mr. Prospect, what's wrong with where you live now?" This question prompts the prospect to consider their current situation and articulate reasons for a potential change.
  2. Presenting a Case Against Immediate Action: "What benefit, if any, would there be in us getting together for a discussion?" This question respects the prospect's autonomy and encourages them to express their reasons for a meeting.
  3. Exploring Timelines: "If presented with an offer that works for you, what issues would that cause, if any?" This no-oriented question helps the prospect verbalize their urgency or lack thereof.

The Three Rules of Influence in Sales 

  1. Perceived Bias: People distrust sales pitches due to perceived bias. The Share Group helps mitigate this by providing high-quality, motivated seller leads, ensuring that the initial contact is based on a genuine need.
  2. Third-Party Validation: Potential clients trust the opinions of others. The Share Group's services, like direct mail and email marketing, can help in creating campaigns that leverage third-party validation effectively.
  3. Self-Persuasion: The most potent form of persuasion is self-persuasion. The Share Group aids this process by offering targeted leads, allowing agents to ask the right questions to the right people, facilitating self-discovery in clients.

Implementing Reverse Selling

Reverse selling involves presenting a case that seems against the salesperson's immediate interest. For instance, instead of persuading a homeowner to sell, an agent might ask why they might choose to stay. This method reduces psychological reactance.

The Share Group supports this approach by providing lists like downsizing homeowners or divorced households, enabling agents to tailor their questions more effectively.

Real-World Examples and Outcomes Enhanced by The Share Group

  1. Challenging the Status Quo: By using The Share Group's targeted leads, agents can ask homeowners what's wrong with their current home, encouraging them to verbalize their own reasons for wanting to move.
  2. Promoting Autonomy: The Share Group's data appending and skip tracing services ensure that agents have accurate information, respecting the client's autonomy and reducing resistance in conversations.

The Impact on Lead Generation and Conversion

Utilizing The Share Group's services can significantly improve lead generation and conversion efforts. Their expertise in providing accurate and targeted leads reduces the conflict and resistance often encountered in sales, making the process more enjoyable and effective for both the salesperson and the client.


The number one sales skill that can change your real estate career is the ability to facilitate self-persuasion in your clients. By mastering the art of Socratic questioning and reverse selling, and leveraging The Share Group's comprehensive services, you can transform your approach to sales. This leads to more meaningful interactions, less resistance, and ultimately, greater success.

For more insights and practical applications of these techniques, consider exploring the resources and services offered by The Share Group.  Call 402-235-4556 or schedule a 1-on-1 consultation Here.

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