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Why Cash Buyers?

In today's shifting market, with listings taking longer to sell post-pandemic, reaching out to Cash Buyers is a great way to move inventory. Cash Buyers are easier to work with because there are fewer problems at closing, and these investors are in a feverish buying mode.

Why Cash Buyers?


Buyers willing to pay with cash have an inherent advantage over those who need to borrow, and they may even be able to win over the seller at a lower price. Lenders with multiple foreclosures in their portfolios sometimes discount the list prices in the hopes that properties will attract multiple offers.

Your lender might also require a professional appraisal. "A cash offer removes any risk of the buyer not qualifying for the loan," says financial expert Guy Baker. "It also removes the risk of the appraisal not coming in at the right amount to support the loan." Believe it or not, as of Q4 2022, 22% of all transactions are from Cash Buyers.  

How can you reach Cash Buyers?

Reach out to The Share Group and provide 2-3 of your top Counties you serve and talk with an expert. Our Cash Buyer leads come with 100% phone numbers and emails where available (50-60% on average). Give us a call today!



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