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7 Ways to Attract Real Estate Leads and Close More Sales

Your success in the real estate industry greatly depends on your ability to attract real estate leads. Here are strategies and resources to make it happen.

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Most realtors sell around six to eight houses each year. That number could be higher or lower depending on what the real estate market looked like that year. One of the things realtors need to stay on top of so they don't encounter any slumps is leads. 

Real estate leads are pivotal in your success as a realtor. You want to have a continual flow of clients, even when it's the cold winter months and most people aren't looking to buy. Developing the right strategy will help you convert your leads into clients. 

This guide will focus on the top seven real estate lead generation strategies. Keep the momentum of your clients going throughout the year. Develop a reputation for being the go-to real estate agent in your neighborhood. 

Get Referrals From People You Know

A term you should familiarize yourself with as a realtor is "sphere of influence" (SOI). This refers to those you know, including:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Teachers
  • Hairstylists
  • Baristas
  • Colleagues

Think of casting a wide net when you check who fits into your SOI. It's a great place to get leads, not only from your actual connections, but also from their referrals and contacts. Some realtors get anywhere from 64-80% of their leads from their SOI.

You'll need to consistently reach out to your SOI to generate quality leads from them. Some tips to keep in mind when doing so include:

  • Be direct with what services you offer without being pushy
  • Offer your expertise without any strings attached
  • Connect with people instead of viewing them as a potential sale

Create Local Partnerships

Your SOI should expand to encompass business connections on top of your personal ones. Form relationships with other businesses so you can develop mutually beneficial partnerships. Examples of industries real estate agents commonly work with include:

  • Bankers and loan officers
  • Insurance companies 
  • Bakeries
  • Landscapers
  • General contractors 
  • Title companies
  • Cleaners 

For example, you can co-host an event with one of your business partners to increase awareness of both of your services. 

Establish a Social Media Presence

Social media is a wonderful place to connect with others in your community. It's also a way you can stay on top of the real estate market trends in your area. You can connect with prospective clients who are looking for a realtor as well. 

One of our favorite lead generation strategies is to create a social media ad campaign. Instagram and Facebook are two cost-effective platforms where you can run your ads. You can target specific demographic groups while also evaluating how your ads are performing. 

Develop a Real Estate Niche

Specializing in a specific area of real estate is an effective way to make a name for yourself. Become an expert and authority figure in your respective field in your community. 

Picking a niche enables you to focus your marketing efforts on a specific set of clients. You can develop a reputation for being the go-to choice for this niche in your town and surrounding area. 

Some common real estate niches are:

  • Historical homes
  • First-time homebuyers
  • Commercial and office buildings 
  • Senior homes
  • Vacation homes
  • Investment properties
  • For Sale by Owner homes

Keep in mind that you don't have to be an expert right away. Think about where your interests lie in real estate.

For example, say you're interested in working with seniors and helping them find their retirement homes. Learn what these clients are looking for in an agent. Connect with local senior centers and senior neighborhoods and learn the buying requirements of this unique group of people.  

Don't Neglect Your Current Leads

You might've recently shown a client a handful of properties that they weren't interested in. That doesn't mean you should throw their contact information away. Keep them engaged with your services in some of the following ways:

  • Send them postcards and emails about what's going on in the market
  • Issue newsletters with helpful information
  • Send them the occasional text checking in

Continue to offer and provide them with helpful information. Not everything you do has to be centered around showing them a new property. Offer them an invitation to a seminar you're hosting on information for first-time homebuyers. 

Partner With Divorce Attorneys

It might seem a little unsavory to form partnerships with divorce attorneys to find real estate leads. However, many soon-to-be or recently divorced individuals are looking to sell their properties quickly. 

You'll want to remember that working with divorced leads requires compassion. They might not be happy about the fact they have to sell their home. However, tapping into this market could mean dealing with a lot of motivated clients. 

Buy Real Estate Leads

Purchasing real estate leads from companies like The Share Group is one of the best and easiest ways to get leads. You can connect with an interested buyer or seller instantly when you purchase a lead. It's an effortless way to increase your client base without spending hours devoted to marketing your business.

There are many advantages to purchasing real estate leads, including:

  • Receivinga constant flow of leads
  • Getting immediate prospects
  • Improving visibility

While buying leads is a great way to instantly get connected with someone who needs your services, we recommend pairing some of our above tips with this one. You want to build your brand in your community while also bringing in commissions. Using our tips and purchasing leads can help you accomplish both.

Attract More Real Estate Leads With Our Tips

It takes time and energy to attract high-quality real estate leads. Building your brand, no matter what industry you're in is a full-time job. That's why it's great to get a helping hand by getting new leads from our team. 

The Share Group is here to help you grow your real estate business with our high-quality leads. From distressed to likely-to-sell homeowners, we offer a wide range of curated referrals. 

Fill out our contact form to get in touch with our real estate leads experts, schedule a meeting, or call us at (402) 235-4556.

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