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3 reasons why Absentee Owners are the best listing lead source for real estate agents

With low inventory and high competition, real estate agents are looking for new ways to grow their business. Here's why absentee owners should be your next lead source.

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Reason #1 - Absentee Owners are HIGHLY motivated.  A lot of owners bought their properties at a really good price, and home values today are at an all-time high. When presented with an attractive offer, many are ready to part ways with the property.  

Reason #2 - Most people that own these rental properties are not full-time investors, and it can be very stressful to maintain the property (especially in a post-pandemic world).   When tenants aren't able to pay their rent on time, many absentee owners are going backwards on these investments. 

Reason #3 - Here's the greatest part: there is little to no competition. The for-sale-by-owner properties or expired listings come with very high competition (upwards of 30-50 other agents in your market), while it is very rare to find other agents going after Absentee Owners.



Now, The Share Group, more so than any other lead lead provider out there, gets you the highest quality data in the marketplace. Since we specialize in this type of Absentee Owner data, we go through a tremendous amount of research to update and verify the data. You can filter leads in your ZIP code, city, county, or you can even search the entire state.

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