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Webinar Recap: Mastering Real Estate Leads Without Cold Calling

The recent Share Group Success Webinar, featuring real estate coaching experts Andy Scherer and Trevor James, offered innovative strategies using data, online advertising, and direct mail.

Their insights provide a roadmap for smarter, more efficient lead generation, helping agents stay ahead in the market.

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In 2024, generating leads without resorting to cold calling can be a game-changer for agents seeking to optimize their outreach strategies.

The recent Share Group Success Webinar Series, featuring industry experts Andy Scherer and Trevor James, delved into innovative methods for lead generation, focusing on the power of data, online advertising, and direct mail.

Here's a comprehensive overview of the key takeaways.

The Power of Data in Lead Generation

One of the central themes of the webinar was the critical role of data in any outreach strategy. Whether you're cold calling, sending direct mail, or engaging in online advertising, having accurate and up-to-date data is essential.

The Share Group’s Wallet feature offers a unique solution for purchasing lead credits at a lower price, enabling agents to download leads as needed.

This not only ensures access to the freshest data but also provides cost efficiency, making it a valuable tool for real estate professionals.

Embracing Online Lead Generation

Andy, a seasoned real estate coach, shared his expertise on online lead generation, emphasizing the importance of understanding the seller's journey. He identified three key phases:

  1. Pre-Contemplation: Casual conversations and early thoughts about selling.
  2. Trigger: Major life events like job changes or family expansion that prompt serious consideration.
  3. Research: Active searching for real estate agents and valuation information.

Andy highlighted four main strategies for capturing leads online:

  1. Organic and Paid Social Media: Utilizing platforms like Facebook to reach potential sellers. Andy particularly emphasized Facebook ads, outlining steps to define the audience, set budgets, and create compelling ad content.
  2. Inbound Marketing: Leveraging blogs and videos to provide valuable information and establish authority in the market.
  3. Email Marketing: A highly effective yet often underrated method for maintaining engagement with potential leads.
  4. Print Marketing: While seemingly traditional, print marketing can still yield significant results if done correctly.

Crafting Effective Facebook Ads

Andy provided a detailed breakdown of crafting effective Facebook ads, focusing on the anatomy of a successful ad. Key components include:

  • Callout: Directly addressing the target audience with specific language.
  • Benefit Statement: Highlighting the advantages for the user.
  • Feature Bomb: Listing features to add value and appeal.
  • Call to Action: Clear instructions for the next step, such as "click here for more information."
  • Imagery: Using relevant and appealing images to catch the viewer's attention.

By teaching Facebook to recognize and target the desired leads, agents can optimize their ad performance and achieve better results.

Maximizing Direct Mail Marketing

Trevor, an expert in direct mail marketing, shared his insights on how to effectively use this method for lead generation. He highlighted the impressive ROI of direct mail and provided guidelines for targeting specific areas:

  1. Farm Area: Focusing on a specific neighborhood to build recognition and trust.
  2. Just Sold Listings: Targeting areas surrounding recent sales to capitalize on the momentum.
  3. Open Houses: Advertising upcoming open houses to nearby residents.
  4. Sphere of Influence: Reaching out to personal contacts and previous clients.

Trevor also introduced tools like Boomerang DM and Wise Pelican, which help streamline the process and add value to mailers, making them more likely to be retained and acted upon by recipients.

Integrating Strategies for Optimal Results

Combining online and offline strategies can significantly enhance lead generation efforts. For instance, using the Share Group’s data to target specific demographics with both direct mail and Facebook ads ensures a comprehensive approach. Personalizing mailers and leveraging automation tools can further increase efficiency and effectiveness.


The insights shared in the Share Group Success Webinar underscore the importance of a diversified approach to lead generation. By leveraging accurate data, embracing online advertising, and maximizing direct mail marketing, real estate agents can generate high-quality leads without relying solely on cold calling. As the market continues to evolve, staying informed and adaptable will be key to sustained success.

For more resources and expert advice, visit the Share Group’s website and explore their extensive library of webinars, scripts, and frequently asked questions. Whether you're a seasoned agent or just starting, these tools can help you refine your strategies and achieve your business goals.


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