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Getting Leads From The Share Group - Live Q&A with Brandon Mulrenin!

Tune in to get some great tips from Brandon Mulrenin, real estate coach, and Jared Wright, CEO of The Share Group! Also they're going in depth on the data what to do after you get your lead lists.
Live Video with Brandon Mulrenin



Video Transcription

Brandon: All right, we are live. Good afternoon, Listing Agent Academy with me. As you can see, I've got my good friend, Mr. Jared Wright, from the Share Group. Jared, thank you, my friend, for coming on here.

Jared: Yeah, what's up, man? Thanks for including me. It's fun to be live.

Brandon: It is. It is. So let me just post a couple of links that you sent me.

Jared: Yeah, right on.

Brandon: So let me do this and we will kick it off. That should be posting. All right. Let's rock and roll. All right. So listen, today you guys, here's the deal. I asked Jared from the Share Group to come on for our Thursday live training for the reason that the real estate market's shifting. We're constantly talking about lead generation. Jared has been servicing and supporting our community for many, many, many, many years. Many of you have already done business with Jared. You've gotten your absentee owner leads from him and his team. And so today Jared's going to walk you guys through some updates that they're doing over at the Share Group. We're going to talk about maybe some additional lead opportunities for you guys.

And then at the end, Jared, the nice guy that he is, has offered you guys a special discount that he has never done before. I put two links right now in the comments beneath this video. You guys can use that as coupon codes to purchase leads if you guys would want to do that this afternoon. So Jared, let's jump into it. Why don't we start off with just talking about some of the updates and some of the things you guys have been working on.

The Latest Share Group Developments

Jared: Sure.

Brandon: And then we'll get into your Lead Store and you guys can give us a little demo.

Jared: Awesome. Well, yeah, first and foremost, appreciate the opportunity to come out here and speak with everybody. So thank you for that. Yeah, it's been a busy, exciting last couple of years for us as we really tried to streamline the data online for the agents to self-serve, right? And so the different data sets that we're all familiar with that you brought up is the flagship product, is our absentee owner database. That's what introduced us and that's how we all got started.

From there, we developed several different segments of owner-occupied data that revolves around motivated sellers. So we have a likely-to-sell criteria that's based off of equity, length of residence, job, area, some other proprietary information. From there, we've evolved into divorced databases, not necessarily public record divorce, but knowing that record, that raw data coming in, that it was a married household and now is a single household. And that's been a popular database.

And then downsizers, we've talked about that a few times the last couple of years as being a huge market to where the growth in these transactions are going to come. So the data for us has still been those pockets of motivated sellers that are really working well. We like to call ourselves the treasure map to the gold, but you guys all have to go on the hunt. And so-

Brandon: So let me just add, just so, because we've got a lot of new members, Jared.

Jared: Yeah.

Brandon: So let me just give everybody the use case and how they would use your data.

Jared: Sure. Perfect.

How to use The Share Groups Lead Data

Brandon: For you guys watching right now, you would want to partner with Jared and what I mean partner is you can purchase specific data, specific lists, directly from Jared. Upload those lists into a dialer system that you might be using like a Vulcan7 or a Mojo, if you're using REDX's Vortex dialer system. So the difference, because I get a lot of this question, the difference between what Jared does and some of the other lead providers is specialization. So a lot of people will license data from companies like Jared's. So a lot of the companies out there that want to get downsizers or likely-to-sells or specific niche absentee owners, they will license the data from a data aggregating company like Jared's, and then they will import that automatically into their system.

Jared: Correct.

Brandon: So this is going directly to the source. And so all of the times where I talk about niching down, niching down, find your specialty, go out there and prospect homeowners with little to no competition. And you guys all ask me, "Well, where do I get those leads from?" It's Jared at the Share Group. So like he said, absentee owners, downsizers, likely-to-sell, notice of defaults, [inaudible] harder.

Jared: Yeah, foreclosure. Exactly. Evening it out. So yeah, you're going to have a lot more inventory and some other opportunities. Exactly, Brandon. That's a perfect example. And I think for us as the data aggregator utilizing the various sources and building the data, it is a freshness issue. And I think what separates us, I think from the other people that offer data as a secondary service, it's our primary service, that's what we know. And behind the scenes there's 90 years of data compilation experience within our organization. And so the quality I think is where you're going to see the most impact. So when you are picking up the phone and making those outbound calls to these niches and building your customer base basically, it becomes a numbers game that we want to make sure that it's worthy of that effort.

Brandon: Exactly. So one question real quick. There's a... [inaudible] Lane, I see your question. If you guys have questions, you can put them in the chat. And that's why I'm doing these live streams on stream yards. So I can see these in real time. So the question, Jared, and I want to make sure that we're on the same page, but there is a source that we have access to in the MLS that allows us to pull some really, really good lists. Now they don't have contact info. So you guys still have the ability, if an agent says, "Hey, here's a list of 5,000 addresses," can an agent give you that list of addresses, and then you guys go do your little magic and then get the contact info?

Data Enhancement

Jared: Absolutely. Data enhancement is a lot of what we do, because a lot of the realtors in their areas are having resources with the title company or other different data sources or contact databases that they're getting and building. We can enhance that in almost real time to add an accurate cell phone number, accurate landline number, accurate email address, or when the last purchase date. There's a lot of different data enhancements we can add to a record that you would have, like a Remind service that is available through the MLS, right?

Brandon: Exactly. And some of you guys have Remind that provides contact info and some of you don't. So you can pull lists out of the MLS with the homeowners that you want, so now you got that piece of the puzzle.

Jared: Yep.

Brandon: Shoot that list over to Jared and his team, and they can go get you the contact info for those homeowners if needed.

Jared: Well, a real life example, a lot of people would use PropStream for example, and they could be more [inaudible] type people, but similar situation that they pull that data. Well, PropStream's phone numbers aren't as accurate because it's stagnant. They're not updating regularly. Where we come in is we can enhance that data that doesn't even the playing field, it enhances the playing field for you guys to have a higher contact rate and a more valid, accurate phone number.

Share Group Lead Pricing

Brandon: Exactly. Now so some of you guys are asking about pricing already, which is fine. So Jared, what is the cost per record? How does it break down?

Jared: Yeah, totally. And these are really good questions and I can see them popping up too. But the cost per record, if you're going to get the address, the phone number, the email address, we have a flat rate at 20 cents per record. Emails on about, I would say 60% of the database. You could prioritize and say, "Hey, I only want a 100% email." So we can definitely cater to those types of requests. If we're enhancing the data, it's even more a deeper discount at that like 10 cents range. So if we're adding that phone number, that email, it's a 10 cent a match versus the 20 cents for the address information.

Brandon: Got it. Okay. So super cool. And you guys, I put... Jared gave you guys all the discount code, so if you guys want to get some leads from him, you can do that. He's offered 25% or 30% off.

Lead Data Accuracy

Now the accuracy, I see questions coming in. There's hundreds, I don't know, maybe thousands of people that you service right now in our community. I don't know a number. You probably know that better than I do. I have been using his data for a long time. So here's the key thing. When we look at data accuracy, right? So they're asking about PropStream, we're going to... Yeah, he just talked about PropStream. We'll come right back to that. So the data that Jared's getting is, and that's where a service like his comes into play. You see all these third party vendors like Vulcan7 and Mojo, you see those companies specialize in FSBOs and expireds. All the other data, all the other homeowner data, those companies are third party. They're outsourcing it to companies like Jared's. So Jared gets the actual truth of the matter. The question is what is the accuracy?

Jared: And that's a really good question. And we've been doing some private studies on the data, like testing the data, putting our money where our mouth is. And we did a private study where we ran our data versus some of the usual suspects and we had a 88.7% accurate rate from our phone number database versus the competition that was below 70%. We can send out some information for your group. We did a one pager on that, Brandon, that we can share that. But the reason why, and you've alluded to this a couple of different times, but is how we build the database. And so we'll use that transactional record at the county level, but we won't rely on that for the contact information. We license and manage thousands of incentive-based, non-incentive-based websites that we're capturing that email. We're capturing that cell phone. We're getting them to opt in to receive third party information. That is what we're marrying back to that transactional record that we know that that's the most accurate phone number based off of recency.

The Share Group Lead Store

Brandon: Yeah. Amazing. So now that's the accuracy piece. So what Jared's going to do right now, you guys, So some of you guys are asking how long does it take? The great thing that Jared and his team have been working on is what they call the Lead Store. So what happened in the olden days when Jared and I met 27 years ago or however long it was?

Jared: Yeah. [inaudible].

Brandon: We would call back and forth and like, "Hey, here's the list that I want." Now, it's super cool. So why don't we jump into the demo, Jared?

Jared: Yeah, yeah. Wish me luck, right? Here's where I get my money. So I'm going to share my screen.

Brandon: And we'll come back and answer guys questions after we do the demo of how the Lead Store, works on the website.

Jared: It's letting I think. Come on, share. All right. So can you guys all see this, Brandon?

Brandon: Not yet.

Jared: Not yet?

Brandon: So you hit share underneath, right?

Jared: It makes me go to system preference. Holy crap.

Brandon: Oh boy.

Jared: It's coming. We'll figure this out.

Brandon: Yeah, we will. So I'll answer some of these questions.

Jared: Yeah, sorry.

Brandon: No, no, you're good. You're good. So let me just pull these up while you figure out your tech stuff. It's always difficult times. Let me pull this back up here. So the question is... I want to just make sure, because I can't see you guys' names on here, but let me go in here.

Jared: It's making me restart Chrome.

Brandon: You got to restart?

Jared: It's making me restart Chrome. And that's what I'm on with this app, so I don't get it.

Brandon: Why don't... Hold on. You know what? Why don't I just go on and then you can navigate me.

Jared: Yeah, absolutely. That would be perfect, if you don't mind doing that, and we can dig in and show you guys the Lead Shop. It's pretty cool, by the way.

Brandon: Yeah, hold on one second. So Patrice, yes. So if you guys are joining us late, you can give Jared a list of addresses. That's what they specialize in. And then they can go and source the contact information for those addresses.

Jared: And the cool thing is too, not to interrupt you, Brandon, is we'll take that data. We'll run the process. We'll call you and say, "Hey, out of the 2000 you gave me, we matched on 1500. That's all you're going to pay for. How's that sound?" So there's no hidden charges or anything that you're not comfortable with. We're very transparent in that world.

Brandon: Yeah. Yeah, there's no... I didn't want this to be a huge pitch, but you guys are asking all these questions. No, there's no monthly charge. You just pay for whatever you get.

Jared: Yeah, yeah. You have no subscriptions, no contracts. Our best foot forward is for the agent. The last thing we want to do is nickel and dime anybody.

Brandon: Yeah. So let me share my screen. Now Jared, you should see my screen, right?

Jared: Yep, exactly. So go to the top toolbar. It says Buy online. So this is our main website. You'll click Buy online. We built this lead, the source for seller leads through Shopify. So you scroll down a little farther there and you can search your market, I think. Maybe not. Go up. All right, Research market. So I type in Omaha, Nebraska. That's where we're headquartered here is in the middle of America. And so hit Omaha, Nebraska. And so you'll see each zip code within Omaha that you can search by. So you can search by MSA, County, City, and then there's each of those zip codes within Omaha area. Within the databases we provide, you see it as a default to absentee owners. If you go to the far right zip, that 54639, you'll drop down that. You'll see we have all five of the databases out there. If it's missing a database, call us offline. It's just a lower quantity that we don't load into the shop. So it could be under 100 records. But anyway, that's where you add to the cart, and then it's pretty self-explanatory of what you're able to do. So you can add to the cart above there, Brandon, see how it says add zip code to the cart.

Brandon: Yep. That's it.

Jared: Yeah, perfect. And then even if you wanted to click on one of the zip codes, click on one of the zip codes too, and it takes you to the actual zip code. It tells you about the database. So if you went up and hovered over divorced homeowners where you're at, it'll change and tell you what the divorce property description is down below too, a little bit lower. So it tells you what the divorced homeowner property leads are.

Brandon: So this is phenomenal. Let me just pause for a second. So guys and girls, boys and girls, this is so freaking cool. So this is all happening in real time. All right. So you can go into your markets and you can find out by a click of a button how many absentee owner leads are sitting there in your zip code or multiple zip codes, the cost of those leads, divorce leads, likely-to-sell, downsizers, whatever the case may be. So let's just stay here for a second. All of you that are watching, if your zip code is not in here, just call Jared and they can do with this as a manual process. But those of you that are watching, if you guys want to give me your markets, and I can throw this in here, this is one of the greatest tools you guys ever made. I love this. So let's just put in San Diego as an example.

Jared: Yeah, that 601376 is one of them too that they just popped in. Yeah.

Brandon: Okay. So here's all of San Diego, right? You've got multiple different zip codes within inside San Diego.

Jared: You'll see the one zip that's sold out, Brandon, because we're offering like 30-day exclusivity. So let's say your zip code is sold out for absentee owners. We could have you on the list as soon as that 30 day expires to beset those leads. We're offering like a 30-day exclusivity through those zip codes.

Brandon: Got it. Okay. So Robert Reyes, I'm going to put yours in here, 78250. Okay, so this is somewhere in the world.

Jared: If you click on the actual zip code, it'll populate to that database. Yeah, exactly.

Brandon: Oh, perfect.

Jared: Yeah.

Brandon: All right. So check this out, Robert. And this is for everybody else. This is like the coolest. This is so fun for me. I don't know why. So you have 1,528 absentees just in one zip code. Now as a product of my coaching, I want you to get the whole county, but just one zip code. So you have 1500 absentees, it's $300, and I think through our discount code, you might get 20% off or 25% off.

Jared: 25% off to spend. Yeah.

Brandon: 25% off of that. So you have some divorce leads, 1200 divorce leads. You've got 3,100 likely-to-sell leads. You've got 560 downsizers. So literally in the click of a few buttons, you guys, you can see how their site works. Very, very simple.

Jared: Thank you.

Brandon: Again, I put links so you guys get a discount. Anything else [inaudible].

Jared: We'd be able to add each one of those databases to the cart. Ultimately, if you wanted all four of those, Robert, you could add the absentee, the downsizer, the divorce, and the likely-to-sell, all to the cart. And then you go check out and you're off and running.

Brandon: So fun. I could just sit here all day on this site, but I won't.

New Lead Shop Features That Are Coming Soon

Jared: We're actually coming up with a refresh too that's going to be really cool. We're building it out to show a picture of some of the properties at the zip code level. It's going to be really neat. And then we're going to start running some analysis at the zip code level of like, "Hey, here's some hot absentee properties based off of businesses that have been in and out of business," and some other market analysis at the county or at the zip code level that we're going to able to provide some insight.

Brandon: That's amazing. That's amazing. So just go deeper on that specific. What do you mean by that exactly?

Jared: We want to be able to predict what zip codes are hot for absentee owners or not.

Brandon: Got it.

Jared: Based off that zip code's businesses going in and out of business, properties being sold, absentee owner properties being sold. And so there's a couple of variables that we'll be able to run a zip code analysis and then be able to say, "Hey, this is a hotter zip for an absentee owner for sale lead than the other zip codes." So we're going to start being a little bit more strategic within the data as now we're starting to get a lot more feedback.

Brandon: I love it. I love it. So you guys, I'm going to... Here, let me do one thing, Jared. I'm going to post just a link to the site so they can get to it real quick.

Jared: You saved me, man. I better be sending you something to your house here shortly.

Brandon: No worries. So let me just do that really fast. Bear with me here, and then we're going to get into your guys' questions. All right. So Jared, is there any other things that you guys are working on in addition to what you just said that you think we should mention?

Jared: Yeah. Yeah, we're working on developing out. We have the seller leads. We're now working on some buyer leads. And so because the market is normalizing, it's important to go after some other data sets. So one of the data sets on the buyer side that we're doing are new families that are renters with high income, good credit, has been a popular list. Absentee owners, for buyers that own two or three or more absentee properties could be a good category for some of the prospects that are going after very targeted type buyer data.

Another thing that's such a small thing, but it's a pretty good idea that we're talking to some of our customers about, but even targeting and changing head of household to female on a list. Let's say you work better with the female decision maker. I know at the Wright household, my wife's the one that's going to ultimately make those decisions. So maybe you target the female head of household in some of your prospecting. And so there's some different ways for us to niche down on the data that really can provide an advantage when you're working your area.

Brandon: Yeah. And again, the key thing is, you guys, the reason why I sought Jared out when I did, I don't know however many years ago that was, is I wanted to have a strategic advantage over my competition. FSBOs and expireds are great, and we're getting a lot more of them now. But in addition to that, like I've told everybody in the community, you should have 3, 4, 5 different lead pillars. And Jared can go and get you high quality data of prospects which we know the likelihood of them wanting to sell is very high that your competitors don't have access to. And so my recommendation, certainly you guys have heard me talk about this for over a decade, but absentee owners, downsizers is the big one that Jared and I have been spending a lot of time on. You go and get those lists and the questions you guys are asking is, once you get those lists, Jared can give that list to you in multiple different ways, a CSV file, Excel file, whatever the case may be. Then you can upload that into your Vulcan7. You can upload those into your Mojo, into your Vortex, and you can put them into a lead folder and use your dialer the same way you're doing with for sale by owners and expired listings.

Vulcan7 vs The Share Group

So the question is, let's unpack some of these. So one of the questions is, so Vulcan7 versus this. Well, that's just the thing, they're different. So there is no comparison because what they do is different things. So let me give you guys a great example. You guys know we love Vulcan7. We're great partners with Vulcan7. The owner of the company's going to be at my house tomorrow at 1:00 PM, matter of fact. They do different things. So Vulcan7, if you go into their neighborhood search as an example, and you go into a zip code and you put in absentee owners, they're only going to give you 10 or 20% of the data and of which they can find, it's all coming in through a third party. What Jared does is he is a data aggregator. Guys and girls, what that means is Jared is the one getting the data that gives it to various sources of which we can't disclose on which company he's providing data to or not. So you just go right to the source. And so the difference is those companies like Vulcan7, which we love and Mojo that we love, they're really good at getting expireds and for sale by owners. All of your what I call specialty categories, specialty niche leads, specialty lists, that is what Jared and his team and his company does. You get those leads and then you put them into your database. Hopefully that makes sense. All right. The next question is from somebody, Alan. All right, so you pay once for the zip code, you get the list of leads, then you upload it to your Vulcan. Yep, you nailed it, Alan. That is exactly what you do.

Jared: That is the process. And you will see over time how long it takes you to dial through a zip code. You come back after we update the data every six to eight weeks, and you'll see a change in the phone numbers. You can see closed properties that hopefully you didn't miss out on. So there's a lot of change in the data. So let's say you buy a zip code three months down the line, we have agents come back and re-up update and re-verify, just refresh the data. And so we're doing a lot of that as well. I can't tell you guys enough every single day we hear back from agents that make the call on the zip codes and get listings every single day.

Will Your Leads Work On Any Dialer?

Brandon: Yeah, exactly right. All right, so questions are popping in left and right. So the question is, will these leads work on any dialer? Yeah, so Marco, you can... Because Jared is going to get you your data in a CSV file. So he's going to send you an email, "Here's your 2000 leads you bought." You upload any of those lists to any dialer, and you can go through those.

Jared: And we'll support that too. So we offer that support to help through that. So if you have a dialer you're having a hard time with, we have people that can help load that for you.

Remind vs The Share Group

Brandon: Yeah. The other question is the difference between what you guys do and what Remind does. Again, Remind is not... They have to outsource data as well. So I don't want to get too deep into the weeds of the data business, but Remind has a national partnership with the MLSs and they do a lot of research and now they're integrated with most MLSs. But when they offer you guys, "Hey, we'll get you the phone numbers and the emails and you pay them money," Remind has to go buy that data from a third party aggregator, like a Share Group that's supplying that data. It's called white labeling, and then they sell that data to you. So Jared is the... What's a different word? Maybe data aggregator isn't hitting home with the people like the source of information.

Jared: You're almost a compiler. You're compiling through the sourcing. And because we have done this, I've done it all I've known my whole career. It's just the relationships we have with the compiler, like the transactional companies and then the other marketing companies like Axiom, which is the largest compiler of consumer data. We license that file to build our database. So it is a lot, like you said, you don't want to go too deep into the weeds of what we do to build the data. We just do a lot to make sure it's as accurate as it can be.

It's not going to be 100% accurate, but I would hang my hat on it being 90% accurate through and through. And if it's not, we'll obviously adjust that accordingly. Make things right, I guess. That's what the buyer lead price is. That's 20 cents as well. The same kind of codes, we're very flexible when it comes to that stuff based on the quantity.

Data Accuracy

Brandon: Can you go through... Another question was on the updating of data. You have been hitting me on this for years and maybe I have underestimated this myself and you love it. It's something that you talk to me a lot about. And so guys, listen closely and what Jared can do with, I don't know what you call the process, but updating the data.

Jared: The refresh, like a data refresh. So yeah, we build out the database, let's say every four times a year. Let's say every quarter, we're putting a brand new database together. The phone numbers are constantly changing. Those email addresses are changing. The percentage of those houses are being sold. Those transactions are being made. So when that data updates, let's say you bought a list from me three months prior, after the next update, we would do like a data refresh. And we would take back that file that you had and then we would update the phone numbers, the cell phone, the emails. We would flag the ones that are out of business.

We would add, enhance the new phone numbers and then also flag the records that have sold. And that's just a small fee to refresh that depending on the quantity. But for a real life example, we had a guy that updated a list after eight months of buy-in 3,500 records. We updated 800 phone numbers on the 3,500 record database in eight months. So the data is changing. It is becoming stagnant. And so the more you can be efficient to stay on the freshest data available, the higher success you're going to have converting those appointments.

Brandon: That's right. And roughly what did that cost that guy? Do you remember for 800?

Jared: A hundred bucks. It's like a $100 refresh. Yeah. The last thing we want to do is nickel and dime anyone. And so we're very consultive through the conversation. We have five sales reps that that's what they do every single day. And so we're willing to work with everyone on every case possible.

Updating Lead Lists

Brandon: Cool. So there you go, guys. As you get your lists, and I've been building lists with Jared for years, and so your database of that you get from Jared just keeps growing and growing and growing and growing. So Don says, so I can have an update my list that I received back in April. Absolutely.

Jared: Absolutely. So yeah, call your sales rep, if you remember or yeah, and we can do a refresh. And it does re-kick that motivation to know that the data's as fresh as possible. Quality is what keeps me going. It's what drives our business. And so if you guys aren't having success, we're not having success.

Getting Phone Numbers for Property Addresses

Brandon: Now a lot of you are asking questions about... I saw some of the questions, correct me if I'm wrong, I don't want to say the wrong thing. But my understanding is that you are not a, "Hey, here's one property address. Can you go and get me this phone number?" Or, "Here's two or three props." You're more of a list, "Here's a couple 1000 records." You guys aren't in the business of like, "Hey, here's addresses. Can you get me the numbers on these?" Correct?

Jared: Yeah. It reminds me of a movie that, "How much for one rib?" No, we are, it's about 1000 to 1500 records we prefer the agent to start with. You do know it's a number game, finding these niches. In order to have success, I think you got to commit to a dollar amount. We do have a minimum order online of $300, and then if you're going to work with one of our agents, it's a $500 minimum order. But that's the value that we put into the data for you to get 10 time ROI once you start working out.

Brandon: Yeah. So you guys, if there's onesies and twosies, there are different options out there, which we'll save that for another training. There's a bunch of different services that we will recommend for you guys if you need a phone number to one house, that's so easy to get. So I think that question was from Robert Reyes. Robert, we'll handle that in another coaching call. But that is simple.

Phone Impending and Enhancement

Jared: Yeah. And someone talked about skip tracing, and that's the term we call phone impending or phone enhancement. We're not going to add eight phone numbers to a database and cross our fingers that you're going to get in touch with my cousin that [inaudible].

Brandon: That's right.

Jared: We're going to put the best cell phone, the best landline, and both if we have it on that record. So you're not going to be paying for numbers that aren't even relevant.

Brandon: Yeah, I love it. So yeah, we got into a lot of the deeper things. I didn't think [inaudible].

Jared: We did. The data enhancement is something that people forget about, and it's such an important exercise to connecting, to having that success when you're making those calls.

Brandon: Yeah. So I think a good place for you guys to start, I put a link to Jared's website in the comments. Go look into your zip code or county and they can do... Can they do a county search on the site or is it just by zip code right now?

Jared Wright: For absentee, we have to break it down by SCF, which is the first three digits of the zip code, just the way the data is perfect because of the two addresses. But if you are owner occupied, we can do it by county. We can do absentee by county. So to answer your question, we can totally help. It's just might be an offline conversation then what the Lead Shop provides.

Find Real Estate Leads At The New Lead Store

Brandon: Okay, so step one, you guys, is just go play around on his website. The new Lead Store is really cool. You can just see how many leads are available in your city or multiple cities, multiple zip codes. And then certainly you guys can have a conversation with Jared's team to find out what could make sense for you guys. And this should just be that third or fourth lead pillar. All of you should have absentee owners. If you're not calling absentee owners, I don't know how many times I've said that it's probably one of the greatest treasures to a listing agent in our industry. And downsizers, these two groups, in addition to for sale by owners and expired listings, can take you to the top. It really can take you to the top, just those four lead pillars by themselves. So that's where I would start. And I think, Jared, we got through all of our questions.

Finding Leads In Small Markets

Jared: I have one more question. Someone said, "How are you in small markets?" We just heard back from a broker in the state of Washington in a small lake community, they loaded in 700 absentee owners into their CRM. Within 30 days, they had $3.5 million dollars in listings from an absentee owner database. So I think small markets, big markets, any kind of market, as long as you're doing the work is going to be productive and profitable.

Brandon: We sent you one of our agents in a really small market and you're able to do the same exact thing with absentee owners. That's right.

Jared: Yeah. And then they landed on a pocket that had a guy that had seven properties and wanted to list all seven. It was a diamond in a rough, but still cool thing to hear.

List Import Support

Brandon: Yeah. And if you guys have technical issues uploading lists into Vulcan or Mojo or whatever, we will do a ton of training on that inside of our community. It's not a problem. And/or those companies will service you too. So if you just call Vulcan7 customer support and you say, "Hey, how do I do a custom import?" They will literally show you click by click exactly how to do it. So how long is that discount code going to be available for, Jared, for the coupon?

Jared: If you do it to the end of the month. We did it to the end of September. So you have 30 days to get that done. Yeah, we debated back and forth, but ultimately, it's through September. So yep, it's as good for that. And we've never given more than a 20% discount. So right out of the gate, we're offering you guys 25 and 30%. So now's the time to go get after it.

Brandon: Awesome. Well, dude, Jared, I appreciate it. Looks like a lot of people got a lot out of this. So we will bring Jared back, you guys. We've been doing a lot of work with the Share Group. We so support or appreciate the support you've given this community, Jared, and maybe instead of you and I just doing our podcast, we'll just come live inside of this community. [inaudible].

Jared: Yeah. This is neat. I liked it. Yeah, I love the feedback and the feelings are wholeheartedly mutual, man. You're doing amazing things out there and we appreciate everything too. So thank you.

Brandon: Yeah. So you guys, the discount codes are in the comments, so just scroll up in the comments. They're going to live there, okay. So his website is there. The discount codes are there. We will pin this post inside the Facebook group so it stays at the top of the feed, and you guys should have all of those codes. So Jared, I appreciate it. You guys, let's make it a great week and we'll talk to everybody soon.

Jared: Yeah. Awesome everybody. Thank you so much. Have a great day.

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